Your True Guru Lives in You

The truth in you

by Jayaram V

If you have discretion, you will know the difference between truth and falsehood and between good and evil.

Make that truth your true guru and follow it.

You do not need any further guidance on the path. That truth in you will lead you to your destination. It is the GPS of your spiritual world.

You have a truth inside you. It knows what is good for you and where your can look for answers and solutions to the problems you face on the spiritual path.

That truth you have to awaken.

To that truth you must turn for light and guidance.

That truth is your true guru and your guardian angel.

If you do not listen to that truth and follow it, the best of the gurus cannot help you.

If you are not committed to truth how can you find your way out of a world of deception and darkness?

Can you germinate a seed in a ground that has not been prepared?

And even if you manage somehow to germinate that seed, do you think it will grow properly?

That truth alone is your savior.

Until you find that you will move in circles.

Until your faith in that truth is firmly established, your religion will not help you.

Your spirituality will not transform you.

No amount of reading the books, and understanding the scriptures will help you.

No practice of yoga is really going to accomplish that union you seek.

Without knowing that truth, you will swim in the ocean of illusions.

Now what is that truth I have been talking about?

Where do you find it?

How do you know it is the truth?

That truth is the mirror in you, a mirror that truly reflects who you are, a mirror that truly shows you the truth of yourself.

Mirrors do not lie, unless you want to lie to yourself or you do not want to look at it.

If you have that inner mirror which shows you the truths regarding yourself, your intentions, your illusions, your irrational beliefs, your misguided notions, your prejudices and mental distortions, then you will not require any guru.

That mirror becomes your own guru.

Believe me.

You do not have to walk the walk of another, unless you want to relinquish your own truth and set aside all that you have experienced in your life as unreliable and useless.

There is a certain joy in finding your true Self in the mirror of your own mind and making that your true identity.

The seers and the sages, the saints and the great souls discovered that mirror inside them.

They developed that ability to be transparent to themselves, to be truthful to themselves, to be honest with themselves, to speak to themselves in a way that does not create illusions in their minds.

If you can find that mirror inside you, which can truly reflect who you are and teach you the best of the wisdom that you can follow in your life, then you become your own guru and even teach others how to find themselves and discover themselves.

Bhagavadgita Translation and Commentary by Jayaram V Avaialbe in USA/UK/DE/FR/ES/IT/NL/PL/SC/JP/CA/AU

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