Books on Vegetarian Cooking


The definition of vegetarian food changes according to region, culture and convenience. For some people egg is a vegetarian diet. Some consider even chicken part of vegetarian food. Then you have Vegans who are so puritan in their vegetarianism that they carefully read every label before they buy any food. For them even small traces of meat or meat derivatives are unacceptable. The following are a few useful books on Vegetarian cooking.

Lord Krishna's Cuisine Author: Yamuna Devi, David Baird;

Indian Vegetarian Cooking at Your House Author: Sunetra Humbad, Amy Schafer Boger;

Dakshin Author: Chandra Padmanabhan;

Khazana Of Indian Vegetarian Recipes Author: Sanjeev Kapoor;

Classic Indian Vegetarian and Grain Cooking Author: Julie Sahni;

The Spice Box Author: Manju Shivraj Singh;

Flavors of India Author: Shanta Nimbark Sacharoff;

Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking Author: Yamuna Devi;

Yamuna's Table Author: Yamuna Devi;

A Vegan Taste of India Author: Linda Majzlik;

Easy Indian Cooking Author: Suneeta Vaswani;

Low Calorie Vegetarian Cook Book Author: Sanjeev Kapoor;

Cooking Along the Ganges Author: Malvi Doshi;

The Indian Vegetarian Author: Neelam Batra, Shelly Rothschild-Sher...;

The New Tastes of India Author: Das Sreedharan;

Vegetarian Samayal of South India Author: Viji Varadarajan;

The Spice of Vegetarian Cooking Author: Martha Rose Shulman;

Laxmi's Vegetarian Kitchen Author: Laxmi Hiremath, Brooke Scudder;

The Vegetarian Table Author: Yamuna Devi, Zeva Oelbaum;

Lord Krishna's Cuisine Author: Yamuna Devi;

Cooking the Indian Way Author: Vijay Madavan;

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